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Education is the key to all smart decisions. Why not pick the brains of an experienced property researcher to help understand what options are available to you? We also may work out that investing in property at this time isn’t the right option for you. Let’s have a no obligation chat to see what options are available to you.


Assessment and review of current financial position

As a responsible business, we would never make any recommendations unless we understand your current financial position. In this process, we gather your current financial details and protect your information under our strict privacy policy.

This is also why we do not ‘list’ properties for sale on our website as they may not suit your current financial position.

We will review your financial position and as an example, we will conservatively demonstrate the benefits of leveraging into property to ensure your standard of living in retirement.


Compose a tailored property strategy utilising our national research team

Although property grows at a rate of over 7% per annum* (ABS – July 2015 – June 2016) at Equidel we believe in planning for the worse case scenario. Our tailored property strategies are based on a conservative property growth rate.

Our strategies are also designed to work well within your financial position. For example, although you may have the ability to purchase a property with a price point of $500,000, we do not design a property strategy with this purchase price in mind. In fact, we may look at an asset which is only about 80% of your borrowing capacity, ensuring that if anything was to go wrong (i.e. money becomes tight), you are not in a position of struggling to service the investment property.

By now, you are fully aware of the benefits of leveraging into property. At Equidel we take a borderless approach to investing and consider only the best areas for you to invest in. The research team utilises the Equidel Property Analysis Matrix which takes a number of factors into consideration when looking for the right areas for you to invest in, such as diversity of industries (keeping away from those mining towns), population growth, job opportunities, education, location to services and more. This is designed not only to ensure a return on investment for you but also to ensure we are sourcing the safest places to invest.

At this same time, we can work with your finance broker or we can provide a broker also ensuring we can obtain a pre-approval for finance before looking at an asset.


Equidel to manage entire Pre and Post purchase process

Equidel will organise all the appropriate contracts and help run through the signing process. We also engage the appropriate legal representative to ensure all of our clients are covered with the required legal advice.

If our clients have requested to get advice regarding purchasing property within an SMSF, we have the networks to facilitate this process from end to end.

After the construction is underway, Equidel remain in the picture with a whole list of work so our clients can focus on their own every days lives and work. This continual project management includes;

  • Providing service between the builder and the client (weekly contact to clients, monthly updates)
  • Engaging insurance broker for House & Landlord’s insurance
  • Introduction to personal risk insurance professional (financial planner)
  • Engaging and working with the Property Manager
  • Organising Depreciation Schedule
  • Organising Independent Property Inspection
  • Ensuring 3 or 6-month property inspection completed (dependent of building maintenance warranties)

Reassess your property portfolio and strategy

This is an integral element to the Equidel portfolio delivery strategy. We complete valuations of the property/s within the portfolio, back testing the performance of the assets sourced by Equidel. We are also looking at your overall financial position, as many things may have changed in the time frame since we first looked at your financials.

The strategy is simple, use the equity achieved by the investments as the deposit for the next investment.

After completing the Equidel investment process multiple times and at the right time, we would engage the appropriate financial advisor to work with you on your transition to retirement strategy.

Normally this is around the age of 55 leading into retirement. With that being said, the earlier you begin your investment portfolio, the chances are that you may not need to wait until you are 55 to begin retirement.

Work the system with the view to keeping up your standard of living in retirement.

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