Our strategies are designed
to work well within your financial position.

Managing the Process

Upon initial contact with you, we educate you on the property investing process, and we undertake thorough research to find the best property for your individual situation.

  • Organise modelling and cashflow
  • Property research and asset sourcing
  • Coordinating the builder and land agent
  • Relate with finance broker or banker regarding finance
  • After the initial contract has been signed we work continuously behind the scenes to ensure a smooth process for you, from beginning to end. We engage with external providers as and when required to handle all facets of the property investing process.
  • Organising conveyancers/solicitors as required
  • Providing service between the builder and you (weekly contact, monthly updates)
  • Engaging insurance broker for House & Landlord’s insurance
    Introduction to personal risk insurance professional (financial planner)
  • Engaging and working with the Property Manager
  • Organising Depreciation Schedule
  • Organising Independent Property Inspection
  • Ensuring required property inspection completed